Strenghten your company’s position among its fans and take care of customer relationship in their own environment.

Crises in social media happen… all the time. Don’t let a single slip-up affect your brand image. We will work out an effective social media communication strategy and teach you how to deal with difficult situations and save face.

Is it time for every company to be present in social media?

The main goal of social media is to maintain interaction between its users. Thanks to our presence in social media (such as Facebook or Twitter), we can, in a natural and non-pushy way, mark the presence of our brand in the everyday life of our target group and build brand awareness among potential customers. Thanks to adjusted to channel and attractive content and our quick reactions to comments and customer opinion, we create the image of an approachable and open company, which positively affects the popularity of our products and services.

We will teach you how to build a unique and recognizable communication strategy with fans of your brand.

Already have a company account in social media but you’re not sure if you’re doing it 100% right? Use our knowledge and experience. We will analyse your previous communication, customer care policy and show you the right direction. Our consulting services consist of, for example, reports evaluating communication efficiency (with practical hints and advice) as well as training for your employees.

We will prepare an individual communication concept that will be implemented and conducted in social media channels most important and valuable to your company.

With regard to the target group and type of business activity, we choose the right services:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Or others

In all of the above social media channels we communicate fast, coherently and appropriately for the situation, as well as with attention to the attractive visual side, friendly atmosphere, professional customer service and correctness of given information.

How we create an effective social media strategy?

Customer service in social media – not an option anymore – it’s a standard.

Do your customers more often contact your company via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Take the chance and let us help you build a database of satisfied customers who will soon become the ambassadors of your brand.

We have received numerous awards for complex customer service in social media

Offer enquiries, after sales support or maybe loose interaction with fans of your fanpage? We will do it for you. Efficiently, consistently and according to your brand’s strategy – regardless of the fact that the number of fans in your profile is four of three hundred thousand.

World Post & Parcel statue awarded to InPost

In 2016 InPost SA (a customer of evl.pl) received Grand Prix in the Customer Service category at the international World Post & Parcel Awards competition. The prize for innovative activities and setting the standards in the industry was awarded to InPost for the Facebook customer service project (fBOK), managed by evl.pl, which defeated such postal giants as Deutsche Post or Liban Post.

We will help your Customer Service Office to deal with questions coming from social media channels

So you have the hotline, complaints department, consultants answering questions asked in contact forms and your customers still contact you via Facebook? We will show your company how to deal with such questions, regardless of the fact that your Customer Service Office consists of one or two hundred employees.

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