Generate valuable leads thanks to effective marketing campaigns and pay for real results.

The main goal of Performance Marketing is not only creation of the brand’s image but also putting the already existing image into measurable customer activities.

How much can your company profit thanks to Performance Marketing?

It happened to many of us at least once – promotional efforts and contracted marketing services have not brought expected business results. The aim of Performance Marketing is current monitoring and optimization of conducted marketing campaigns in order to achieve the highest factor of expected consumer actions (e.g. visiting a website, clicking in banners, filling out a form or a survey, signing up for a newsletter or making an order).

Growing popularity of this online promotional method comes from, above all, its measurable effects, high ROI and attractive forms of settlement.

What activities belong to Performance Marketing and where do its results come from?

Activities in the scope of Performance Marketing can be conducted with the use of various marketing tools. They are, though, most often used in such solutions as:

  • display advertising
  • email marketing
  • social media advertising
  • mobile advertising
  • loyalty/partner programmes

Performance Marketing can be used for any type of online advertising — aimed at both desktop and mobile devices users.

Designing of attractive paths (so-called sales pipelines), thorough analysis of consumer behaviour and automation of some promotional activities allow for more effective management of marketing resources. Here at, based on our experience, knowledge and tools, we optimize marketing campaigns for the best conversion rate possible. According to our approach, we use only such tools that bring our customers real business results.

Settlement models in Performance Marketing campaigns

Performance Marketing settlements are based on, above all, success fee, that is, the costs of marketing activities are determined on the basis of achieved results. At, settlements for campaigns conducted by us depend on:

  • Cost Per Sale (for achieved sales)
  • Cost Per Lead (for acquired leads)
  • Commission fee (settlement for profit interest)
  • Cost Per Click (for clicks)
  • Otherwise, to meet the customer requirements