Marketing Automation

Monitoring your customers’ behaviour and providing them with personalised offers will let you earn more.

Thinking whether to implement Marketing Automation or not, is like considering staying ahead of the competitors or falling behind.

Effective Marketing Automation implementation requires knowledge, experience and ideas – here at, we have it all.

Such solutions, although still being considered a new trend in technology, will soon become an indispensable tool in every company to which high conversion rates are important. But it is wrong to think that signing a contract with a Marketing Automation systems provider is enough. At we will help to make your company’s marketing communication better and create an attractive conversion path thanks to our proven tools and methods.

We cooperate with top Marketing Automation solutions providers.

Our interactive agency is the official partner to both SALESmanago and iPresso platforms. In order to meet the requirements of your company, we will find the best tool, take care of its technical integration, work out the business rules and implement specific automation solutions. There is only one goal of all these activities – a customer satisfied with achieved results and profits.