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Brand hero for InPost – Paczucha



Brand hero of a logistic company? Why not! Especially if the customer is a company known for its unconventional approach to communication and offers its customers such an excellent service as Paczkomaty – Parcel Lockers.

Everyone who has ever used those innovative InPost machines, surely associates Parcel Lockers with funny messages informing about sending of the parcel, delivering it to Parcel Locker and collecting it by the addressee. In the middle of 2015 we decided to refresh them.

When working on new messages as well as the key visual, we wanted to further develop the casual style which had always been present in InPost communication. So the next step was, naturally, creating the ‘face’ of the brand. Someone who – by default – would be the author of these famous messages. And this is how Paczucha was born.

Paczucha is the brand hero that embodies all advantages of InPost:

Fast delivery time


98% of parcels are delivered to Parcel Lockers within 24 hours after posting

Convenience of collection


parcels can be collected from Parcel Lockers at any time of day and night

Low cost of services


Parcel Lockers are as fast as courier services and cost up to 30% less than courier parcels

Where can InPost customers meet Paczucha?

In emails informing about the parcel’s journey

On Parcel Locker screens

On InPost vans and trucks

On the website for end users –

In our promotional videos on YouTube

How was Paczucha rated by InPost customers in focus research?

Creative line assessment: 4,5/5

The entire creative line was rated very high (4,5 stars out of 5) and considered as coherent and giving a clear and positive message about the brand. All analysed materials show a brand that is modern, customer-oriented and with the sense of humour. Tested creative line matches both the industry and the InPost brand.

Creative line hero (Paczucha) has been accepted – the majority of respondents say it evokes positive emotions and perfectly matches both the brand and the industry.

Among all the outdoor projects, Parcel Locker was the one that received the best reviews – for clear communication of the industry (parcels), the features of the service (low cost, fast, convenient, available 24/7) as well as friendliness, modernity and professionalism of the company.