Advertise your business
on Parcel Lockers’ screens

Parcel Lockers have already been used by 5 million people in 2000 locations. Use the machine’s interface to reach the most frequent customers of online stores!

  • Available formats:
    advertisement panel, video
  • 4 screens to choose from
  • Exposure time:
    4-12 seconds

From:11 PLNParcel Locker / week


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Why is it worth it?

Dotarcie do kupujących w Internecie
Reach the online shoppers

Parcel Locker’s interface allows to communicate with real e-commerce customers.

Atrakcyjne lokalizacje
Attractive locations

Parcel Lockers are located in busy places where they can be seen by potential customers (shopping malls, petrol stations, office buildings)..

Wsparcie kreatywne
Creative support

We help prepare images/videos and upload them to Parcel Lockers

Konkurencyjne ceny reklam
Competitive advertising prices

from 11 PLN / Parcel Locker / week

Completed projects

Sprawdzony serwisant

Brands that have already used
Parcel Lockers’ screen to advertise:

Narodowy Bank Polski
Sprawdzony Serwisant

Parcel Lockers network